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The President's persona relies on his image as the guy who calls the shots, but as a legal web closes around him, he's in a weaker position than he wants
President Donald Trump may no longer control his fate, a plight that helps explain his increasingly volcanic Twitter eruptions.

POSTED AUGUST 21, 2018 5:12 AM
Trump is concerned about McGahn's testimony
White House counsel Don McGahn's 30 hours of conversations with special counsel Robert Mueller's team has unnerved President Donald Trump, who didn't know the full extent of McGahn's discussions, two people familiar with his thinking said.

POSTED AUGUST 21, 2018 9:23 AM
Critical moment for Trump's presidency
Donald Trump has been president for 577 days as of today. One year and seven months, to the day, of what can be described without exaggeration as the least predictable presidency in modern history. And yet, for all the wackiness and whip-sawing of these first 19 months, there's a very credible case to make that the next two-ish weeks are the most critical of Trump's presidency to date -- and will set a course for the remaining years of his presidency that will be very difficult to alter.

POSTED AUGUST 20, 2018 5:53 PM
Chris Cuomo to Lewandowski: Tell Trump to 'man up'
CNN's Chris Cuomo questions Corey Lewandowski after he claimed that President Donald Trump has no reason to sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

POSTED AUGUST 21, 2018 3:04 AM
John Dean replies to Trump's 'rat' tweet
President Nixon's White House counsel John Dean responds to President Trump calling him a 'rat' on Twitter.

POSTED AUGUST 20, 2018 10:15 PM
The real reason Trump can't stand the Russia probe
Over the weekend, we learned that White House counsel Don McGahn spent 30 hours talking to special counsel Robert Mueller's office about the ongoing investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election, the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians and the idea that Donald Trump himself may have sought to obstruct the investigation.

POSTED AUGUST 20, 2018 11:54 PM
Trump tells Reuters he doesn't have to stay out of Russia probe, 'could run it' if he wants
President Donald Trump said he's concerned about potential perjury charges that could be brought against him if he were to sit down with special counsel Robert Mueller.

POSTED AUGUST 21, 2018 4:58 AM
Microsoft: Russians tried to hack the Senate and conservative think tanks
Parts of an operation linked to Russian military intelligence targeting the US Senate and conservative think tanks were thwarted last week, Microsoft announced early Tuesday.

POSTED AUGUST 21, 2018 8:31 AM
Russia plans largest war games since end of Soviet Union
Russia will stage the its largest war games since the fall of the Soviet Union next month, the country's Defense Ministry said Monday.

POSTED AUGUST 21, 2018 8:52 AM
Trump: 'Most likely' another summit with Kim
US President Donald Trump said another summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would "most likely" happen but offered no details on timing or venue in an interview with Reuters Monday.

POSTED AUGUST 21, 2018 9:15 AM

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